Ive installed the JD kit. Now have a differant problem?

Hi Guys. My bike used to bog down as soon as I gave it gas. I went with the JD kit and now on the low end and top end it is incredible. The problem is in the mid-range it stumbles. I notice it real bad when Im riding on the rode and have it mid throttle and I hold it there constant. It just seems real choppy. Any ideas? THanks, Denis :)


Post what your bike is and your current jetting so everyone will know where to start. :)

Oh yeah that may help. 2003 Wr450f. JD kit with blue needle at 4th clip and 170 main jet. Everything else I left stock. Zip ty needle at 1.25 turns out. Gyt-r baffle, air snrkle removed, and yz throttle stop Thanks, Denis :)

Drop the needle 1 or 2 clips (clip 3 or 2) that should solve your problem :)

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