WR450 Supermoto Radiator Fan

Hello peoples. I'm new here! I have a 2004 WR 450 with a supermoto conversion. I want to put a fan on the radiator to cool it down when I am stopped at a light on hot summer days or riding slow. Has anyone done this yet and could recommended a fan to use? Or if there is already a link that shows how to do this please may i have it. Thanks

im going to buy a spal fan and make a bracket and just put a toggle switch. I just need to know what to wire it too? do i need a relay harness or anything?

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I too wanted to do this modification and had did some research myself.

You do not need to modify your original harness, but simply tap a new + and - lead from the battery to your relay, switch to power your fan.

You can also choose to run an in-line temperature switch that auto toggle the fan when it heats up, with your switch as a manual overwrite.

can i weld a bracket to the side of the radiator?

can i weld a bracket to the side of the radiator?

A better option may be to add a set of aluminum rad guards and attach your fan to the rear bracket of them instead.

im going to make a bracket that will just screw into where my front rad guards screw in. do i need to do the stator mod? i will only be running it for a short period of time when im at stop lights. the only things running off my battery are a headlight and taillight.

When you tap it directly from the battery, you need not mess with the stator nor the wiring. This will be an independent system to power the fan.

Answered your PM but in a nutshell if you are only going to turn the fan on briefly then yes you can get away with connecting it to the battery. If you run it longer you will drain the battery eventually.

thanks man. i got one more question. i need to put some turn signals on for my inspection sticker. i have some factory ones off a cbr im going to use just to get my sticker. but i cant figure out how to make them blink. does anyone know how i can do so? its only going to be temp once i get a inspection sticker they are coming off.

nevermind they make light bulbs that blink

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