2011 YZ450F GYTR Tuner Explanation

On the tuner under the maps can someone explain the correlation between the engine speed columns and the opening angle rows on the maps. I am really just wanting to understand what the adjustments mean and do to the bike besides just reading maps off the forum that people has already tried. I am an auto technician and have a good understanding of what the terms mean, but just don't get how you put the two together in a 3 by 3 box.

The RPM is at three levels (4000, 6500, & 9000) along the X axis (horizontal) with 4000 at the lower left. The RPM is along the Y axis, starting at the lower left and showing, according to the manual, 10, 30, and 60+ degrees of throttle angle.

The base map for a stock engine is all zeros. The plus/minus values inserted in any cell moves either the fuel or timing richer/leaner or advanced/retarded from that.

Here's a link to a tuner manual:


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