2001 Yamaha YZ426F

I just had my valves adjusted, new tensioner,and cam chain. I am having major problems getting the engine to fire up. I have good spark and the color looks a little lean. Any suggestions to carb setting for fuel and air would be greatly appreciated.

Check your timing. The flywheel has the following marks as seen through the small inspection cap: I-I I

The third I is TDC. Remove the spark plug before turning the motor. It turns much more easily w/o the sparkplug installed. From there, make sure the camshaft alignment dots are at 9 o'clock and noon (exhaust) and noon an 3 o'clock (intake).

I mis-timed my 426 once. They won't start that way.

Thanks baxterj787. I will take a look at it . I gave the carb a good cleaning last night.

Starter jet and pilot jet were partially clogged.

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