YZ400 question about gas

I was given a YZ 400 (77 model i think)...I dont know much about dirtbikes (i alway rode street bikes) but is this the type of bike you mix gas and oil for a fuel mixture?

2 stroke i guess/ what is the mixture if this is correct

Thanks for the help

It is recommended by Yamaha to be mixed at 32:1. But with the newer technology for that is around you can go anywhere from 32:1 to 64:1. I used Motul 800 and it recommended it at 64:1 and after a year of racing the jug looked new.

Just my $.02 worth.


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Vintage Iron might be a good source of locating a manual for that bike....you lucky dog!... :)

* In 1977, Yamaha would have required an oil/gas mixture of 20:1 for a 2-stroke 400. This is 1 quart of oil (just use any modern outboard motor oil) per 5 gallons of gas.

* If you choose to use a modern 2-stroke racing lubricant (like yamalube); mix it at 32:1. (1 pint per 4 gallons of gas)

* Either choice will allow the bike to run forever.

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