2001 426 2nd Gear Problem

1st of all, thank you all for your help and input on the head and cylinder re-build. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=948146&highlight=

Had the head rebuilt with EdCo, they were awesome, came back looking beautiful. Also, new piston, rings and timing chain. Bike idles and runs perfect but on my heat cycles, it did not go into 2nd gear without considerable force or just luck. It seems to go into 2nd easier if I do not use the clutch and if higher in the RPM range. After I finally get it into 2nd, the rest of the gears are fine. Could I have put something together incorrectly? Or just coincidence?

I've never split the cases before and my bike is finally back together after 2 months.


Please disregard this post. I installed a Topar Racing front chain guard at the same time as the re-build. My shift lever was hitting the guard when shifting up. This guard is not good, too bulky, went back to stock and no problems. :thumbsup:

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