New Leo Vince Carbon glide plate *Picts

Leo Vince sent me one of these to try out and see how it holds up. I believe they released them already. Its a very nice glide plate protects everything that needs to be protected. Uses the stock bolts and is easy to put on and take off. Its similar to the Light Speed one which two of my friends have on there 10's ..The leo Vince does not have the slotted holes in it its just solid Carbon Fiber.

Here are a few photos on my 11'





Wow that's a sweet looking ride!! has it ever seen the dirt? :thumbsup:

is the LeoVince CF plate about the same thickness of the LightSpeed and does it seem more/less flexible near the water pump area? How is the coverage underneath the bike? I will definitely be looking into one of these!

Its about the same thickness I would say maybe even a little thicker (maybe)

There is some flex in it not alot it fits perfect around both sides not touching anything but having a small gap tho. Where the water pump is there is not much flex there its very sturdy feeling. Underneath is the same as the light speed it pretty much covers everything.

And ya ive ridden the bike twice so far its been raining here a lot and only have a few days a week to ride so im waiting patiently . I just installed my heavy fork and shock springs and adjusted the oil height in the forks cant wait to try it out.

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