2006 WR450F off road tire Help..

I've searched a few forums and two dealerships for info and their giving me conflicting information concerning my bike. I have road tires and would like to purchase off road tires. My question is what rims/tires will work. Some say any WR250/450 and any YZ250/450,, others say the 2006 is different and they will not work.. Others say the bearings and spacers are different.. Since i'll only be dirt riding maybe once a month I really prefer to buy used tires and rims.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Probably your best bet would be to research it yourself on a parts fiche (babbit's etc)

The front yz wheel is different, no odometer drive on the yz. The rear wheel on the yz is a 19 not 18, not sure if the rear hubs are interchangeable or not, I can't see why not though.

Any wheels from 1999 and above, YZ125, YZ250, YZ426 wr426 wr250 wr450 will work. Brake disk may have to be changed before 2003-ish.

You need a YZ spacer and seal to use a YZ wheel on the front, but they will work. The seal arrangement is different for the odometer drive. I have seen a special spacer for just that purpose on here before.

Flatland racing makes the spacer I was talking about. Search for the thread "WR wheel on a YZ"

Thanks for the info, just picked up a set from a 2003 WR450F, ordered a set of stock spacers (since he said the front didn't have any) so hopefully I'll get them bolted on. Thanks again..

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