2001 yz 426 hot cams

I was thinking of buying a aftermarket exhaust cam for my 426 and wanted to know if it would be safe to just get the exhaust cam, or should I just save up and buy bolth. Is there any thing I should know about installing aftermarket cams?

Yes run just the exhaust if you are looking for auto decomp. you will be good to go. I have one in my bike, just line up the timing marks and all will be fine. The only thing gained will be the auto decomp. no power increase unless you use both intake and exhaust hotcams. So the company says...

You will need to get rid of the manual decomp lever that goes into the head and use a plug. I just cut off the end of the shaft inside on mine and used it instead of buying a plug. Some aftermarket plugs have leaked I've read.

Hey thanks. Did you install your cam by yourself?

Yes I did

You can always install an OE YZ ex cam from a 03 YZ450. It will smooth out the power band and pull longer on the top end. I think i remember reading that the WR and YZ share the same intake cam for 2001-02.


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