just got 2007 wrf450 need some advise on sticker kits and digital speedo setting

hi all just got a wrf450 2007 my old bike was a 2005 wrf450,im looking at getting a sticker kit and other parts for my new 2007,as the last owner had a lame ass hot wheels sticker kit some sugestions and links to pics ,also online or store locations would be good,would be much appreciated im after a factory look but am open to ideas,i am also unfimiliar on the digital speedo and can not find were the kilometers are,i am told this may be because the grey wire has been cut but i am unsure,i am also after a headlight plastic suround and a stand as the moron cut the stand,oooo and i cant seem to work out were the plug is for the rear indicator wiring.some ideas and pics would be great

pm sent

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