GYT-R insert problems

Bought a new GYT-R insert for my 01 WR 426, but it doesnt fit right. It appears there is something else missing in the end of the exhaust. It has its spark arrestor still in place, and it did have a Vortip® which I removed to install the Yamaha insert. It appears there is a sleeve or something else that needs to be in the end of the pipe, it has about a 1/8" gap all the way around. Anyone shed some light on this? I bought it used, so I have no idea if something original is missing? :)

I had one on my 01 WR426 and it fit fine. Much looser than the PMB unit I just bought but it wasn't an 1/4" smaller in diameter. Not sure why it would be that loose.

Why are you switching from the Vortip?

I just bought a new GYR-T insert friday for my 02 WR426, and also had a vortip in mine, they both fit perfectly. As for the the new GYR-T tip goes, there is no sleeve. Did the person you got it from pull it out of a WR?

I pulled my Vortip out because it was just too darn Quite, and gave crappy low end. The GYR-T insert is a bit louder and gave me more low & mid power :)

The insert is brand new in the package still. Its for a WR. I also removed it looking for more power. I have kept the Vortip, noise when measured with it was at 90 db. I know the GYT-R insert will make it a bit more noise, but I can change it easily back to Vortip if needed. I'm after more snort and many in here seem to be using it, so I figured it has to be good. :) It is possible the earleir 400's had a smaller outlet size?

It sounds like they may have packaged a WR250 part in a WR426 box. My YZ250f pipe is about that much smaller in diameter than my 426.

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