2002 YZ426F, 20 lbs lighter???

I've heard that the rumor is that the 2002 YZF 426 or 450 might be 20 lbs lighter. Have anyone else heard about that rumor, and know if it might be true or not? 20 LBS, that's kind of hard to believe! I like to get the 2001 YFZ ASAP, but if the Jenny Craig program might be true, I rather wait.



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There is no doubt in my mind that the new YZ450F will be MUCH lighter...but, they also will have a brand new engine design (new cases) and a new bore (around 450)! Im sure that there will be problems with the new 02' YZ450F...just look at all the other problems that the 400/426 have had! I think that the 01' model is almost perfect except it can be a pain to start in cold temps. and will foul plugs. Im sure the YZ450F will be an awesome bike...but I really dont want to be Yamaha's test "lab rat" to see if the has any flaws.

Right now I am lovin' my 01' YZ426F and would be more likely to buy a CR450F over a YZ450F, mainly on how Honda's are proven reliable (so are Yamahas, but you know what I mean)! Dont get me wrong, I love my YZ! I just wouldnt buy a brand new engine design when the one that they have now already "socks your knocks off" LOL if you know what I mean!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

That's true. New engine, new problems. Maybe I should just go a grab my YZF tomorrow for $5299 base price, and get a new one a few yrs down the road, once the bugs are worked out. By then, the new YZF should be 60 lbs lighter. I'm gonna get a newwww bike, I'm gonna get a newwww bike, I'm gonna break a newww bone...



Like my grandpa always said...never buy the first year model of anything...

Wait two years and pay cash...


i don't think the new yam will be 20lb's lighter. i think it'll get a new frame & the handling will be improved. that will help us enduro boys.

they won't go to leccy start because they just can't justify the extra weight. it'll screw up the MX'er which is winning anyway.

they will lose about 10 lb's in weight & "it'll feel like a new bike".

they will go to 450cc, which means that they really must put larger valves in. they will be in titanium with all the correct valve springs etc to suit. i bet that as soon as the part No's are known there is going to be a real rush on 2002 ti valves, springs & collets etc by those running older bikes.


You guys are too paranoid. The 250f was an all new bike and its perfect. I know what it can be hard to start, but my theory is that you have to kick it like you are gonna start an old open bike are something. Most people just coming off 2- smokes seem to have the most trouble starting it. But if Yamaha is going to come out with an all new bike for 02, you know they have been testing it for a couple years in secret. Remember the stories of Dubach testing the 250f at Glen Helen and not one person suspected a thing.

As far as rhe weight and size are concerend. No way is yamaha gonna let honda upustage them with a lighter and faster bike in the class they single handidly created.

Well my 2c anyway.


20 lbs.. do ppl actually believe rumors like that? :D Think realistically. The bike would be 20 grand cuz of all of the carbon fiber. 10lb's sure.. but 20 .. Guess i'll just have to wait and see.

But the topic gives us something to talk about though :)

Anyone around the Southwestern Ontario area looking to go riding send me an email.. i'll set u up with a decent track.. in a ravine. Very cool, and no restrictions. Ride all day for free, np. Usually about 15 bikes there every weekend. The track is about 1 hour from Windsor for ppl in michigan considering it.. PPl from Windsor come quit a bit.


When I bought my 98 400F at the end of 97, I had the same concerns with the engine and also frame strength. I had never bought a bike during the first model year and was pretty intimidated by the thought of a possible failure.

I rode and raced that bike hard for three years and never had one problem with it.

Yamaha does alot of R & D before they release any new model. I have all the confidence that the new 2002 bike (whatever size and design) will be a sound product.


The 2 strokes are sorely due for an update,my guess is there will be a new design on the 2 strokes and only modest upgrades on the 4 strokes in 2002. Remember Yamaha sells a lot more 2 strokes than 4.

How about the Hyundai HY450 in 2002?

<font color="navy">20 lbs....don't count on it. Last year, Suzuki reduced the weight of their RM250 by 9 lbs and that was a huge accomplishment that surprised everyone. I wouldn't expect to see any more than 8-10 lbs shaved off the 426/450, maybe less.

But if they could and did reduce the 426's weight by 20 lbs while increasing displacement, you can sure as hell bet I'd be getting one!



I'm just glad to have more choices in the future.

Yamaha will not release an engine design in a flagship competitin model that isn't reliable. I also read two days ago (dirtrider.net or cyclenews or ???) that Honda may not release the CR450 until the 2003 model year. Honda has a ton of resources, and if they can't get the thing to be better then the `01 426 it would make me a bit weary of buying one. They've been trying to get the CR450 right for some time now and I know they don't want to pull a Cannondale and release a bike whose only sole purpose is to anchor the Queen Mary.

I would have no problems buying a newly designed engine/bike from Yamaha. The `98 YZ400 is still an awesome bike!

Hey Boit,

I'm with you we need more Japanese companies to be involved in the 4 stroke MX industry to keep raising the standards.

Lets face it the Yamaha design is getting old(98-01), I'm not saying it's bad I'm just saying I need more than a sticker kit each year.

Competition's great, "we need more".

my $0.02



Because golf courses can be MX tracks! :)

Hi guys,

According to our Honda rep, we are supposed to see the "CRF250R" sometime in late september. I'll bring the specs home with me tomorrow, and pass the word for everyone. And according to Yamaha, there are only subtle changes in store for the 426. So as far as the diet of 20lbs.... Don't know yet. I highly doubt it. Would be nice to see the trick rear master cylinder that Tim Ferry is running though! Way TRICK!

Sorry, NOVEMBER, not September.

CR250F now as well? When will it ever stop!!

Okay, here is what we got from Honda.... and I quote: "The new bike is dubbed the CRF450R, and its actual displacement is 449cc. This is achieved via extremely oversquare bore and stroke dimensions of 96.0mm X 62.1mm. The four-valve, single overhead cam head has a different twist. The camshaft resides above the intake valves for direct actuation, while the rockers actuate the exhaust valves. The CRF450R's dry weight is reported to be 102 kg's or 225Lbs."

This article can be found in the "red rider" honda publication with the picture of the aluminum frame valkyrie on the front page.


Mr. Wizard says: "Go BIG, or go home!"

My bad again. I was half asleep last night when I typed the CRF"250". I meant 450. Sorry fellas.


Mr. Wizard says: "Go BIG, or go home!"

Peeinmypants, Yamaha can get the weight down 20lbs by rplacing the frame with aluminum. Check out Stefen Everts 2001 Yamaha YZF426/490......This frame is probably the prototype for next years 450......

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