Honda MX 450F

<font color="navy">A little more info about the upcoming four stroke from Honda. Looks like it will be production for '02.

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That's great news! Reserve one for me :^)


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MAN that sounds like a bad light and flickable as a CR250...and the way that he said "we had to give it more than enough race power" means that it will probably smoke a 426...sad to say...but exciting non the less...just another brand copying our style, thats cool though, a welcome competetor none the less.


I'm glad to see other manufactures building competitive four strokes. I’m sure it will be a nice bike. There will be some bugs with it. But, the best of all is just think what the ’03 will be like. I hope Suzuki and Kawasaki have step up to the plate by then too.

The Thumpers are back to rule once again. So, in a few years when I may want a new one I will have plenty to choose from.

My advice, if you are in need of a Thumper I would not wait for the 02's. The 01 426 is a great bike and they should start dealing on them soon.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

Yes, the 01' 426 sounds like a great bike, I do like the way it feels and they're probably willing to give a better deal right now, since the 2002 will be out soon. But, the damn seat height is toooo tall, I'm hoping Honda will keep the RC at around 36.8".

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