Lightweight flywheel

Noob here, both on the forum and to bikes. Let me start by saying i have been riding quads for a few years and just traded my honda 450 for a 2003yz450f. The bike has a lightweight flywheel on it. Will this take away some of the rideability away from the bike on trails? I dont know how the stock yz's are but the bike revs really quick. It will def take some getting used to before i get comfortable getting more aggressive with the throttle. Any tips on taming it down for the first season of riding? Yea i know i should have gotten a smaller bike but the deal was to sweet. Thanks,


I don't know of any flywheel that's lighter than stock.

My 2010 450 has the stock flywheel and all I ride is trails, I def have to keep the idle up around 2100rpm in order to prevent stalling once the clutch warms up. If you don't, ever time you start off fast, then go to a crawl, then pull in the clutch it will stall. At 2100 rpm when you do this you can here the engine start to fade, but it doesn't stall :thumbsup:

There is no flywheel lighter than stock, and I doubt you could make one any lighter if you wanted to. The PO probably meant that the bike had the stock wheel on it. To your question, yes, that is a handicap for trail riding, and adding a 10-12 ounce weight is advisable.

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