starter clutch

Ive noticed a lot ot of postings about failed woodruff keys.

is any one having early failures on starter clutches or starter motors.

so far i have had 2 starter clutches fail(1 at 1200km and 1 at 2400km) and 1 starter motor. my bike starts better on the kick start than the button.

as far as i can see the only difference between the usa bike and the oz bike is a more restricted exhaust on the oz

Are you throttling it as soon as it starts up?. This creates lot of wear on the "overrunning clutch", only snap the throttle after the starter is disengadged. Its my only thought :):D

not using throttle at all, only hot start.

this seems to be common with the other stock 450's that ive seen in oz perhaps the problem lies in the mods that have been done for the australian . the exhaust

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