Clutch on 05 WR450 has too much bite. How do I adjust?

I just bought this bike & the moment I let even a mm of clutch out, it's grabbing too much. I seem to cut out so easily, as it's so sensitive.

What's best way to adjust this with a bit more play. At the lever or down by the motor???? Thanks

My guess is that the clutch basket has developed some notches in it. Have you taken the cover off and checked it? Maniac

Agree, don't think grabbing is an adjustment issue.

I don't know what that means....notches in the clutch basket????

look it up. there is a computer with the internet in front of you.

drain your oil and take the clutch cover off. The clutch plates have cogs on them that engage slats in the clutch basket. those slats can start to get notched by the cogs of the clutch plates. will tend to make the clutch feel grabby.

but before you do this, try adjusting the cable up by the lever. see if that helps.

How much cable freeplay do you have? In other words how much can you move the lever without it moving the actuating arm on the motor?

If it's more than 1/4" or so you need to take up slack in the cable to get to about that point. If it's not then its time for at least clutch plates or like was mentioned a clutch basket. Do a Google search for the basket grooves. If you are unsure about any of this get the bike to a shop and have them look at it.


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