What is the difference between E-11 and DOT?

Looking at the Tusk dual sport lighting kit and says it is E-11 rated. Not sure what that is? Is that same as DOT?

That's a new one on me. Give Tusk a call!

My best guess after a stab on google......

also makes sence with a hi lo beam of 240v/120v...and only one listed with dual voltages

Edison screw-cap fittings

An example of incandescent light bulb fused with E40 (Edison 40 mm) male screw base.

Type Volts Size ⌀ Name IEC

E5 ≤18 5 mm Lilliput Edison Screw (LES) IEC 60061-1 (7004-25)

E10 ≤30 10 mm Miniature Edison Screw (MES) IEC 60061-1 (7004-22)

E11 240/120 11 mm Mini-Candelabra Edison Screw (mini-can) IEC 60061-1 (7004-6-1)

E12 120 12 mm Candelabra Edison Screw (CES) IEC 60061-1 (7004-28)

E14 240 14 mm Small Edison Screw (SES) IEC 60061-1 (7004-23)

E17 120 17 mm Intermediate Edison Screw (IES) IEC 60061-1 (7004-26)

E26 120 26 mm [Medium] (one-inch) Edison Screw (ES or MES) IEC 60061-1 (7004-21A-2)

E27 240 27 mm [Medium] Edison Screw (ES) IEC 60061-1 (7004-21)

E39 120 39 mm (Mogul) Giant Edison Screw (GES)

E40 240 40 mm (Mogul) Giant Edison Screw (GES) IEC 60061-1 (7004-24)

I believe, it is a reference to the European common market certification, like DOT.

Yes - E mark is a European thing signify road legal

Capital E followed by a number, usually in a circle

I believe the number signifies the country of manufacture

Tyres / lights have to be E marked for use on the road over here, where as you have the DOT marking

So question is..............Does the E-11 marking cut it here in the states?

My best guess is NO-WAY!!! But I could be wrong?

don't think so

USA road legal marking is DOT - correct?

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