OT: Funny rooster

Did you see KW roosting the crap out of people when he took the outside of that one corner at Washougal? That was quite the chuckle for me. :)



That was awsome. He got em every lap to :), you would think they would move.


Id consider it a honor to be roosted on by the man!

I got my feet runned over by Jim Pomeroy at the Carnegie Trans Ama in the 70;s I kept them tennis shoes for the longets time. Funny thing though I heard he was looking to punch the stupid ass he almost ran into during a moto, so I staye away from the pits :)

Well I wouldnt mind being roosted by him once but after that I dont think I would need to be hit again and again. Granted I bet I wouldnt ever wash those clothes again either. :)

Yeah, that was quite the spray. Towards the end he was just obliterating that berm. I've been to Washougal in 97 and that is one beautiful track. Traffic getting out of there is worse than Windam's roost falling down into your pants and chaffing up the gwebs! :)

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