dual purpose tire advice please.

dual purpose tire advice please. just bought a 2007 wr 450 f with off road tires. has baja package for street legal however i need to buy tires. Plan to ride 80% off road in mid to soft terrain. manual says use 80/100-21 and 110/100-18. Can i tweak those numbers a bit? i am looking at the Pirelli MT 21 and scorpion, and the dunlop D606.

Yup, you can move a touch. I woudn't go smaller, though, especially on the front.

606's are nice, but have heard better things about the MT21's in a soft terrain offroad tire. Pretty much can't go wrong with either.

You might want to do a search as this has been covered a number of times. Unless your state checks closely DOT tires are not a must. My 02 is plated and Maxxis IT have done well. I tried a Kenda track master but it didnt last as long.

My 04 model has a Scorpion 120/100 rear and no clearance issues. Looks nice and beefy too!

+1 byggd

I just bought the 606s front and rear and I really like them and DOT certified. I also put the Tubliss innertube system on at the same time, so not sure which one contributed most. I had excellent traction though in a variety of terrain including slick bedrock. I had tire pressure between 8-10 psi.

I ride about 60% Dirt and 40% Street. You can't wrong with 606's!

606 are real compromise in the dirt. Thought I had suspension or operator error issues till Igot back to dirt tires, in my case Maxxis IT's.

The 606's are great but you can go cheaper with Shenko 244's 70.00 a set and they are'nt bad,a little slick at first but run in they do fine and last.

I have the mt 16 garacross on my 05 wr450 -110 100 18 - next time ill do - 120 100 I have had 606's they are great tires.. im really like the mt 16 at the moment its meaty but rides really smooth on the road and off road grabs great... not sure how it will wear though?

Im trying to figure what to do with the front its not street legal looking at the mt18 but it may be a little aggresive on the road i do about 20/80 dirt as well

the mt 16 doesnt actually say dot aproved/ but it doesnt say "not for highway use either" it listed as a dualsport tire///

tires in the mail. Thanks for all the input

the MT16 hold up on the highway pretty good?

I have a D908RR that's great on the road, but crap offroad, I need to replace it, I have a tubless and trials tire setup (MT43) but I'm a little worried about grip on pavement and tire life

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