time for different oil

im using 15/50 semi synthetic yamalube and its pretty expensive... are there any other cheaper alternatives that are just as good and maybe better... ive done a search in the wr450 forum and didnt find much and i looked at the 250f forum but thats a somewhat different bike.. thanks in advnace :)

I run 10/40 Castrol Act>Evo Synth

It is about 11 bucks a liter at the local store, 15 - 17 bucks a liter form rockymountain or chapparel

Alot of guys here seem to like the Mobil 1 Red cap 20-50. My dad ran this in his 93 WR250 and that was all that was ever really in it and it still has the original clutch plates in it to this day so must be realy good stuff.

Spectro 4. One of the best oils you'll find aside from the ones with friction modifiers (which you DO NOT want).

If you change every ride like you're supposed to, it's still reasonable.

Just don't do the WalMart thing and cheap out on your oil. It's too important.


I also got sick if spending way too much for yamalube so I switched to Mobile 1 Red cap, it seems like its really good stuff and I have had no problems with it at all. It is what most people run in thier 250Fs and its only about $11 bucks per oil change.

sounds like mobil 1 red cap it is... can i get this stuff at costco with like 16 bottles for 10 bucks or do i have to buy them individually at an autoparts store? :)


ur suppose to change after every ride? i've heard of people doing it but didn't think u were suppose to.

DELLO 400 heavy duty oil For the diesel trucks takes the shear of the transmission and clutch abuse well and has very good lub properties. Cost is around $8/ gallon. I have used this oil only on my 2001 fe501 Husaberg :) with 8000 miles and no failure. Oil was changed every 150-200 miles with a new filter every other time.It was tired when rebuilt but the bearings were still in good shape. And I'm sure everyone knows what problems bergs have with oil related failures.

OH OH ! :)

Here goes an oil thread again...

Always informative. :D


ur suppose to change after every ride? i've heard of people doing it but didn't think u were suppose to.

Yes. Regardless of what the manual says. It really depends upon your typical mileage, but also on how hard you ride it/how much you slip the clutch, and other factors.

The manual on my car says 7000 miles is ok, but I'd never wait that long. 5000 miles, even on synthetic.

Back to the bike, the same applies. Don't wait as long as the manual says you can. Those figures are for ideal conditions. I don't know about yours, but mine sees anything but ideal conditions.


20W50 in summer 10W40 in winter

cheap automotive grade oil. Change it every 200 miles filter every third change and I am over 4000 miles on my WR450. It runs great! :)

For ultimate protection; Amsoil Synthetic 10W40 High Performance Motorcycle Engine Oil ($5.85/Quart) is a motorcycle specific oil which is safe for wet clutches and dry sumps. Most automobile oils have friction modifiers that may cause your clutch to slip and burn out faster. Also, unless you're riding hard in very hot temperatures, the thicker 15/20W50 will only slow you down...

Where do you buy the Mobil 1 Red Cap oil?

Where do you buy the Mobil 1 Red Cap oil?

Walmart I think has it

I get Mobile 1 Red Cap at Wallmart, 1 gallon jug for $18.??.

Walmart. Thanks guys. :)

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