best mod or purchase

OK lets rank what is the best mod free or otherwise that you have put on your bike.

1= The best thing you have done

10= Either a waste of time or money.

1. uncork the Exhuast

2.the right jetting. for me (larryco or JD both where the same for me)

2. Power now

3. grey wire

4. YZ Tanks and seat

5. Race Tech Valves and Springs

6. Bridgestone 602 tire.

7. Bark buster. Did not do much for speed but I haven't bent bars or broke a clutch or brake lever since I put them on.

8. BK mod. You know what this did nothing for me.

9. moving my fork tubes up in the triple clamp 1/4" (took some getting use to but I like it now.

10. Actually putting on new bars (taller) was pretty dang nice. It would actually rate 4ish.

I have not Done the YZ timing yet but am hoping that it will rank in the top 3.

Right there at 1 or 2 should be YZ throttle stop

Endurodog I assumed that that was obviously done at the Dealer as mine was. But if not you are right. Did you do any riding this weekend?? If so where.

I am a newbe for the 426, what does the 'grey wire mod' do?

My throttle stop on my 450 wasn't done at the dealer. My 400 I bought used and that guy was riding for a year with the thing in WR configuration.

I went to an enduro up by Rand, Calamity Pass. I really need to go up there and play ride, they have some great trails. How bout you??

Saterday Aspen to Creste Butte. Brush Creek/Pearl Pass. Came back over Cement Creek.

Sunday more or less the same thing but much faster, had to be back to the truck by 1:00. My Friend I was riding with took a pretty good digger by Taylor Lake so that kinda sucked. Good riding there though.

Are you riding this next weekend???

I'll be riding, most likly Sunday, but I don't know where yet.

Let me know where.

What is the BK mod? :)

I got some hella deals this year on after market parts and they all have helped tremendously.

$200 Zipty tank, One gripper seat AND remote hot start.

$100 FMF PowerCore IV 2 with loud and Qcap. (He tossed in a stock header as well.)

$100 PT CR high bars and triple clamp.

I am getting impatient for that used GPR!!!


Do a search for info on the BK mod, don't know if it is for the 450?? Also a search for the grey wire mod is for the WR and you can find pictures for it. Great cheap mods. :)

The Grey Wire helps with the "bog" in the middle-top of the power band. Some people say they don't notice it much on a 426, but I did. Everyone I have heard of that rides the 250 says it is definately noticable. It's about a 30 minute mod. I would suggest the unplug rather than cut method. You can find it if you search the 250 or 426 forums. :)

Here is what I did. Note I am not as extreme as most because the bike is plenty faster than I am.

1. Uncorking the stock exhaust.

2. Promotobilet endcap because I like it quiet and have to be.

3. Flatlands Rad Guards, cause I earn gov't $$ and it ain't enough to replace rads every month.

4. Grey Wire and throttle stop (18mm)

5. Acerbis hand guards.

6. Uh, that's about all I have done because I still suck and the bike is faster than I am. :)

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