How was the Calamity enduro? This is one that I really wanted to do, but I'm still recovering from a wrist injury.

It was great!!!! The club, Front Range Trail Riders did a great job! They would test ya, then give a reset to rest. The trail was marked great, I didn't even start to make a wrong turn all day. Everything seemed very well done. It was dusty however, nothing that can be done about that. I asked some of the guys on that back rows about bottle necks and they said they didn't run into any. It was tough though, lots of sore guys at the end. My buddy was having problems with his motorhome so we scurred out of there before any results were posted, so no idea on that.

Ok I do a ride report I send out to my friends so I'll go ahead and post it.

Well it's Monday morning after a race so that means it time for the ride report!

Dan, Rhawlene (pit tootsie and girlfriend extrodinare), and I left on Saturday morning in Dan's motorhome for Rand for the Calamity Pass enduro. This is the last time in Dan's old motorhome as he is picking up a new one (used) in the next week. We make it into Grandby and stop for lunch. When we got back to the motorhome attempted to start it the starter just clicked. After about 30 seconds of trying it finally turned over and we were off to the race site.

We paided our $30 for camping at Homestead camp, that old guy is a thief, and found a place to park. We decieded the motorhome needed to be leveled so Dan hops in and this time the starter won't turn over, no way, no how. We say screw it, get signed up, talk to a few of the car guys and they all say "bang on the starter with a hammer". Ahhh my favorite tool. So we do and it fires up. On to the race stuff.

Dan and I had our bikes sound tested on Saturday night, they were being pretty strict about it. I knew they were gonna be testing up there so I had my ,VOR tip, insert in and it easly passed. The performance sucked on Sunday too. The forest service was doing sound checks on Sunday morning on bikes that hadn't been checked on Saturday and they were failing a few too.

Dan and I were on row 3 with 2 other riders and at 8:03 we were off. Down a section of road and into the woods. The first section was an 18 MPH section and was tight and twisty through the trees. After I let the guys get out in front of me a bit so I was out of the gawd awful dust. We were all able to stay on time to the first check. I was all ready feeling out of it, don't know why, but just wasn't feeling up to the task.

They did this format up to first gas. With a couple of special test, reset at the end so that you could rest and then back into a special test. The course was typical Calamity stuff, with more dust. I actually remember the C course being a bit easier in the past, not this year though. When we pulled into first gas Dan had me by 1 point, a section I had crashed in twice, dohhh!!! Dan mentioned that his rear brake was starting to go away on him, it went away in the last race and he hadn't changed fluids. For the record I will not give him a hard time about bike maintaince either, haaa right!

We took off into the next sections. I was letting Dan lead. We were into a test when I saw Dan go off the trail and down a little hill. Later he told me he lost his brake and couldn't stop. He was able to get his bike up after a bit of a struggle and thought about just finishing, going slow, but he was leaving for Florida on vacation on Wed and didn't want to go down there all banged up so he called it a day.

So I banged my way through. Right before 2nd gas we got into some flat, more open, forest area. They had us on some wide trails with just a bunch of corners, the corners were talcum powder dust but I didn't have anyone in front of me. I had a blast in there blowing up the corners. At gas I talked to a guy, Mike Doris, that caught up to me but he said there was no way to get close in all the dust.

After 2nd gas we had a bunch of road to get us over the last section. I was dog tired so the road wasn't a problem for me. Nothing to big in the last section. 2 things that made me glad I had the WR450 along. We had one long up hill, not to steep but the trail was narrow and the filled with loose rocks, rollers. I was able to chug up the hill. I don't think the 250 would have done as well on that. The other issue, I was going down the trail when I cut a corner a little tight and a root grabbed the foot peg mount. That yanked the bike off the trail leaving it pointed down hill into a bunch of falled trees. It was laying on it's left side. I had to flop it over on its right side, then drag the front wheel back on the trail. The whole time I'm doing this I see gas draining on the ground. I get the bike picked up hit the hot start, and the E button, and it fires right up. I would have struggled there starting my 250 even.

I got done with that loop and we had 11 miles of dirt road back to the camp. I was able to slow down a bit admire the scenery. That area is really beautiful!!! When I got back to camp I turned in my score card, I got a 35. We loaded the stuff and left without even checking the scores. I got under Dan's motorhome banged on the starter with a hammer and we were off. Figured we had better use all the time we had in case we had trouble with the motorhome. So I have no idea how I finished. The club did a great job, well marked course, check crews well trained, course well laid out with good resets and all. I just felt beat all day, don't know if I was fighting a bug or what.

Thanks for the report EDog. MikeT and his boys put on a good show.

Congrats as I am sure you did well. :)

Yeah, great report :) Sounds like a lot of fun.

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