HELP me decide between 250F and 426F, buying this week!

Hey guys, I am getting a dirtbike this week as my roadbike was stolen and my insurance company has decided to bend me over. With not enough money to get another roadbike, I figured I would get into the dirt. :)

Now I used to own a 95 KX250, it was my first and only dirtbike and I rode it about 6 times before I sold it. I could not handle the on/off power of it, I think I spent more time falling on my butt then I did on the bike so this time I think a 4 stroke would be better.

I had a 2000 DRZ400S (the road bike that was stolen) and liked the 4 stroke feel and power delivery but the DRZ was a freaking pig in the dirt and would like a happy medium. Something closer to the weight of a 2 stroke but with the power of a 4--and money is an issue or I would get one a new YZ250F, CR450F or Suzuki/Kawi's new baby. There is a 2000 WR400 in my price range available and would like your input into the bike, or perhaps something else that would work well for me.

Thanks everyone! :D

I have never ridden a drz and probably never will.

I have a 2000 426, last bike before that was a 79 cr390 husky.

So my opinion is if it is a good price, good shape, I am sure you will not regret getting the wr.

I was totally stunned when I swung a leg around the 426 for the first time. My last thumper was a 72 xl-250 with a 312 powrol kit.

So I will end by saying this, what ever you do dont ride the 450, its closer to a 250 then the 426 and the 400.

Enjoy your 400 :)

Unfortunatly, with a WR400 you are probably not going to be far off from the DRZ in weight. I hate to say that but its true.

On the other hand I believe the motor is more "zippy" or responsive than a DRZ but thats just my opinion and thats also what you are not looking for.

You should be able to get a 01 YZ250F at a reasonably good price by now. Actually a used one should be right in the range with a 00 WR. I think a 250F is exactly what your looking for.

Look around a bit more....

BTW: Congrats on the move back to dirt. The best decision you could have made. :)

Thanks for the advice guys. Is the YZ250F that much different than something like the YZ426F? Both are around the same price here in BC, Canada and I would rather have the one best suited for me.

I ride with friends who have the bikes; CR450F, KX250, KTM 520 EXC, YZ 250. I know in the grand scheme of things it comes down to rider, but between teh 250 and 426, which would be the best choice for longevity? Meaning, which of the two bikes can I buy and be happy with as I go from a wuss to riding like a demon?

I like the idea of the 250F and if you guys think it has plenty of power and is significantly lighter than the 426 I will go with the 250. But if they are similar in weight and power delivery, maybe the 426 would be better?

I plan on buying a bike this week, so any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated. I am posting on the 250F forum as well. :)

The 250F would be a bike that can go just as fast through the forest as the big bores with a lot less effort by the rider. Smaller bikes require a lot less energy on tight trails but will get severely dusted on the open trails and dirt roads. It's your choice!!!

Hey EGO, one of my favorite bikes is my 79 390. Although its a dinosaur it has as much speed as any current MX'r right up to the face of a jump or through the whoops at speed. Did you hang on to it or let it slip away?

I have a 426 and a YZ250F. The 250 is easier to ride everywhere except fire road or open type stuff - and it is faster just about everywhere too (except over 40 mph +/-). I love both bikes but if I were a newbie like you, I'd opt for the lighter bike for sure. You will drop it a lot while you learn and the 426 is a heavy-duty tank and a bugger to start afterwards. As far as growing into it - the Clear Creek national enduro was won on a 250f, the AMA D36 cross-country leader uses a 250f and so on. BUT, either way will work. Stick an 03 250f cam in it and you'll be in hog heaven.

Thanks for the responses everyone, I think I will go with the 250F. I was headed in that direction anyway, but it is always nice to get other opinions. :)

the 250 will do just fine! its light as a feather compaired to your drz


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