Dead Battery Question

Hello gentelman,i own a 09' wr 450 and recently have a dead battery,i put the trickle charger on it for a week and all i got was a click sound when trying to start with the e-start. My question is whats the best battery out there guys are using for there WR's and prices? thanks again

Are you planning on racing your WR? Turntech makes a couple of batteries for the WR, and it helps remove some serious weight. And the prices seem reasonable. Do a search here on TT. Maniac

Best batteries? Best Oil?

If you want a standard Lead-Acid battery, Yuasa is the best. If you want a better than standard battery then the new LiPo batteries are the ticket. TurnTech offers good ones along with terrific customer service, so does Shorai. Pricing is about the same on these LiPo's as the construction is similar. There are other companies that offer these types of batteries but I have found that either they are way over charging (no pun intended) for them or they are selling non-professional products.

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