KLX 450 Popping and Back Firing

:thumbsup: We Have a KLX 450 R, It was running fine and a friend took a high speed head dive. Now the bike Pops and back fires and then goes dead. We dont know if the crash had anything to do with the bike not running right. It kinda reminds us of a 250f when the coil goes bad. The bike has very few hrs on it.

Pilot jet clogged...or float bowl stuck. Pull apart carb and clean it.

have you washed the bike since you have had it???? if so you may want to check the main elec plug coming from your stator and see if there is water in the plug, if so clean the plug and put some elec grease in the plug and wrap the plug with elec tape real good, this is a common thing that happens to this bike,

Also check that the header and exhaust did not get roached and that there is not a big gap sucking air...it'll pop and backfire if that is the case.

Was there damage to the headlight or the plugs behind it? I would suspect an electrical connection is loose or damaged from the crash.

FIXED- You guys got it it was the plug behind the radiator. !!!! It runs fine..

Tape it up with electrical tape & hang it up side down. It's a PITA.......

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