First Ride

Finally, I got the 426 out for a spin. I took it to a very tight supercross track. I must admit, the first 5 laps, I was really questioning my decision to buy a thumper. After so many years on 2smokes, this was like learning to ride all over again. After 5 laps, I was bummed. I don't remember stalling so much. I was having the most trouble with it's inability to freewheel. This bike doesn't chug. It's traction also threw me for a loop. Too much throttle launches the front wheel. It just makes power in such a different way - lots of power. Or maybe it was the fact that it just puts it's power down. That's probably it. I over jumped this 40ft tabletop that's just out of a corner - I wasn't trying to clear it yet. Anyway, I just kept with it and was actually pleased with my progress. I had no problem starting it and the weight wasn't an issue (unless you stall). The best part was I rode the entire track in 2nd gear - this was a very tight track. My buddy was there with his 00'CR250 and couldn't beleive that the 426 could charge out of the corners and rip down the straight in the same gear. Roll on the throttle from the inside line and clear the 40' table. All in 2nd.

I still have a huge learning curve ahead of me, but felt much better at the end of the day. I'd like to thank you all for the advise and all the suggestions. Turning up the idle made a huge difference. Holding the clutch in during warm up also worked like a charm. The real test is this Wednesday. I'll be going to Diamondback Moto - 2 mile laps and plenty of jumps. Watch - now that I said that, it'll pour.

Anyway, thanks.


You have to love the bike for what it is. Remember, we can't try to ride it like a 2-stroke.

On the outdoor style tracks use the torque and low end power to your advantage when exiting corners, especially if there is a long straight after the corner. I like to come out of the corner and let it build revs down the straight. Most of the time I do not even have to shift.

I had to turn the idle up on mine too!! That will also help you when exiting corners in a higher gear.

Enjoy, yzernie

I had tried to turn the idle up but lost some comp. braking so I went back to the low idle and it seems to work better for me I have about 15 rides on the bike and dont really see an advantage but also no disadvantage but you will over jump you will stall and its hard to do technical jumps because the power is so different from 2 strokes but Im happy and will stay with it. Are you going to DB in NY WED?


Yeah, Diamondback in NY on Wed. I've never been there. I've ridden at Walden but from what I've heard, DB and Ace are better. We'll see. I gotta talk some of the boys into blowing off work. Shouldn't be too hard.


I love the bike. It's just different from what I'm used to. Give me a couple of more rides on it and I'll probably feel weird on a 2 stroke. I get off just listening to the damn thing - it reminds me of the first time I heard a Ducati twin ripping by. Those sounds alone made me want one.



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