2010-2011 yz450f cycra powerflow effect on mapping

Does anyone have experience, ideas or theories as to how EFI should be changed/mapped when running the Cycra Powerflow intake for the 2010-11 Yamaha YZ450F?

I would think, in theory, if airflow/intake volume is increased, fuel input should be increased, all other factors equal - but just wondering, before I start tweaking things based upon theories, if anyone has experience or knowledge in this regard -- thanks --

Your right if the fuel map was spot on with the stock configuration. Truth be told a couple times before in this board that it is far from running spot on, and in reality is running quite rich. Running the cycra intake would lean it out some, and adding fuel to the map would hurt performance.


Here's some insight to what I am talking about.

Thanks for the feedback - I actually e-mailed Cycra asking the question and have not received a response, which is about what I expected.

The bike has an FMF exhaust and I have made minor mapping changes. Have read a lot of great reviews of the "Jay Marmont" map, but have not tried it because I am locked down in winter mode, hopefully will be riding in 2-3 weeks.

I suppose the Cycra Powerflow combined with the DT-1 kit would really open it up for air intake...

It does if you modify the filter box cover for the dt1 filter. A guy on here posted photos of the DT1 filter and the clearance with the air box cover, there was none in the center. He drilled holes in the cover so the filter could breath better on the face. The DT1 filter has more surface area than the stock one and will pull in more air, but not nearly as much if you have the filter box cover in place. You can either remove the cover or drill/cut holes.

IMO, I know you have the fenders and they look to flow better, but I would still drill a couple large holes on each side, and remove the filter box cover or modify it when/if you get a DT1 filter.

The one thing that I am unsure of, is a the combination of all the mods and the jay marmot map. The marmot map is designed to be used with a slip on from what I recall, just don't know if the airbox/cover mod with the dt1 filter as well will lean it out too much...

I'm going to do the airbox mod here before the season starts, I'm running the dynojet map for my PCV for the stock config with a slip on. We'll see if it affects power in a bad way, but if it does there's a guy here who offers dynojet tuning and I'll get him to make me a proper map.

Do you have the cycra shrouds? I was looking at them in another thread, but more pictures of them mounted maybe with a shot directly facing the front of the bike would be awesome. They are supposed to thin the bike out a bit, just curious to see what it looks like.

I ordered up the Cycra shrouds, have not received them yet -- will try to remember to post pics and provide some commentary when I get them. I think the Vali Motorsports team runs them and their bikes look pretty clean in the front/shroud area.

I use the new cycra shrouds with the stock exhaust and air filter. I also am running the jay marmont map. I noticed no change in power or need to change the fuel setting with these shrouds. I bought them to slim down the bike between my knees which they do.

They may boost the power with a better flowing exhaust but the stock system holds the power back too much for these to help. I am very happy with them for the way the bike feels.

Thanks for the feedback - I have a buddy that is a regional service manager for Yamaha and a hard-core moto-guy - he simply reiterated that the "40% gain" claimed by Cycra is really only at full throttle, where most of us never venture...so I would think that it is partially cosmetic and marginal power gain, but overall a decent upgrade -- thanks --

Call me cynical, but I'm still waiting for a plausible dyno test showing any gain whatsoever from opening up the original air box by whatever means.

I hear you and appreciate the cynicism, and couldn't agree more...I also kind of step back and say that the stock bike simply has enough power for most mortals, and a lot of these bolt-ons are a waste of money...we simply need to twist the throttle more and work on our riding technique and our bodies more than running up the charge card...but I guess it is all part of the gearhead mentality of trying to make things better and bolt on the lastest "high-performance" item...

... I guess it is all part of the gearhead mentality of trying to make things better and bolt on the lastest "high-performance" item...
And that's fine as long as the "latest 'high-performance' item" is really that, and not just something designed to sucker people out of their money.

I can't agree more with Gray. Of course the company's selling these items will make wild claims of huge perfomance gains. But as a wise man once told me, these claims are " backed up by nothing". So I will continue to run as is, untill an independant dyno test of stock vs mod can prove these intake mods to be little more than a cash grab.

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