Engine Cover Case Replacement - *** Did I Do?!?

Cracked my left side engine cover. Replaced it and now when I push the start button it just whirs like the starter is not engaging the engine. Any ideas? I thought I put it back together the same way - not much to it. ARGH!!!

did you tap down the cover at the starter. I did the same once. I use vasoline on the part that fits over the starter and tap it down slowly and even before i even try to fit a bolt

The cover is on fine - that is not the problem, the case was cracked from an unfortunate encounter with a rocky dry stream bed. I replased the cover and now the bike will not start. It makes a noise like something is spinning but that the starter is not engaging.

Will it start with the kickstarter? You need to pull the cover back off and look around, no other way around it. Sounds like the starter gear isn't being pushed onto the starter gear. Look for binding in the shaft.

Yep it will kick start no problem. I took it down once already after I could not get it to start. I'll give it another shot, just do not know how it could be binding.

If you had the starter apart, you probably put the field winding housing back on backwards and now the starter is spinning the wrong way. Reverse the center housing of the starter and you may be back in business. WR Dave

Not sure what the field winding housing is - any kind of a description would be very helpful. I like the explanation - it makes sense.

Is it possible to mount the pick-up coil (thing attached to the stator that mounts under a guard inside the engine cover) upside down?

It's the silver center housing of the starter. If that got put on backwards then the starter spins freely in the overrunning clutch. You didn't say if you had the starter apart, but if you did that is a good possibility. Good Luck.

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