cold starting

hey dudes, having a problem with cold starting my 01 wr426. has 3 good ridin seasons with no problems starting, hot or cold. last two rides have seen me kicking it like a dog. will start ok(one to 5 kicks, sometimes with hot start)when warm, but cold starting really sucks. its almost like the choke is not working. it will pop but not pick up in a high running idle like you would expect a choke start to do. also on last ride the outside air temp was warm, but the bike seemed to be running warmer than usual. when cold the bike has low compression(hurts to push through with hand but you can do it) but is better when she warms up. power seems the same although more vibration in handlebars. im thinking of doing compression test.already cleaned out carb, looks ok. i followed a few threads, but would like the combined medusa of the brotherhood to guide me in this time of great need. bless you :)

hmmmm, intake leak? :)

from all the threads i have seen it sounds like the head is having some kind of difficulty :)

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