2010 head gasket leak

just installed a new gytr head an a hi comp piston on my 2010 450 . i have some blow by on the outside of the head an i also have coolant comin out of the overflow hose . did i read the manual wrong on the torque spec . 24 then release an re torque to 14lbs.

You read that much right, but it sounds like you skipped step 3

  1. Torque the head bolts to 24 ft/lb to settle and pre-compress the gasket
  2. Loosen and retorque to 14 ft/lb
  3. mark each bolt and tighten each one 90 degrees farther, and then another 90 degrees more, for a total of 180 degrees each

wow thanks for the info , i guess its off the yamaha shop for a new gasket .

RTFM :thumbsup:

If you haven't put more than a few minutes time on it, you might be able to go ahead with taking the bolts another 180 Degrees without taking the head off.

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