stupid question? ignition wire broken?

Forgive me for sounding stupid, and I have tried researching this to no avail, but my ignition wire came out of my spark plug cap tonight while doing some maintenance. The wires appear super corroded, so I scrubbed 'em up clean, but they're exposed. I'm wondering if I need to pick up a new wire assembly, or is it normal for the wire to come out and you can just plug it back into the spark plug cap?

Would be better to get a new line, you dont want that giving out while riding........

I did some more research and it looks like u can just buy the ignition boxes without the plug cap... so how would u rewire such a thing?

You would need a coil-on-cap such as from an YZ or WR 450, R1, R6, Hayabusa, etc. They all carry the same Denso part number, and are available on e-Bay pretty cheap. Try to get one with the connector. If you can't, . Do a search in the DRZ forum and my user name and you can the motorcraft part number that your local auto parts store of Ford dealer can order. Then, the wire that was going to the spade connector onthe coil gets attached to one side of the new coil, and the other side goes to ground. There are several threads in the WR and YZ forums that cover the details.


Ya... there might be some confusion by what I said. In the pic above, you can see what I am talking about where its disconnected. And in the link below, you can see where they sell ignition coils without the plug cap... so how would you rewire the plug cap back to the ignition coil?

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