pro circuit 496 , ti-4, or dr. d

setting noise aside... which would be a better pipe... im looking more for a pipe to match the titanium 4 17 inch can with the powerbomb header...thanksin advance :D:)

Not sure how to answer that. You said setting sound aside

You are in Calif you can not do that.

Your purchase decision must be made with sound as the number 1 reason to get a pipe. remember in 2004 even the ama is adopting a 96db limit on all events.

So the coice would be the 496

i am not setting sound aside as an ultimate factory because i do a lot of riding out in mojave where sound isnt a pressing issue.... but if i were to ride say at gorman or somehwere closer to civilization i would put the quiet core insert in to keep noise to a minimum :)


You don't have that choice any more. BLM Rangers will cite you for anything over 96Db, even if you're 50 miles from nowhere. Stinks, but that's the law.

I'd consider FMF Q Series. They will meet 96 if you keep it freshly packed once in a while, they are reasonably priced, and they stand behind their product. Not only that, but they sponsor many off-road racers, not just a few top pros. So, they are giving back to the sport.

Just my 2 cents.


BLM Rangers will cite you for anything over 96Db

-When are the 2-faced politicians going to put a 96 db limit on car stereos?

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