Just got my '07 WR450F


just got my first bike, '07 WR450F.

I know that the model of 2007 has some serious problems with Air Filter, but i dont know what to check for.

Can you show me some pics?

The owner said he never had any problem with that, but you never know.

I'm gonna change the oil, filters and then i'm going to need to check valves too.


Some came with the same type of filter cage the YZ's ran which had a screw through the middle of it to attach it to the bike. Look at your filter cage to see if it has a hole through the center of it.

What's the problem with the air filters? I have never heard of it.

What's wrong with a YZ filter cage?

thank you all,

i'm going to open the air filter case when i'm home to see if my model has that problem.

i'll report back.

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