Lower end bearings!!!???

I need a little bit of clearifacation on my 02yz426f im buying all my bearings in the lower end, But for some reason i got two different bearing with the same number can anyone tell me if these two are the same?

Alright this is what i got:

RIGHT SIDE of case: counter shaft, (6004, or 93306-00426-00) Them are the numbers i have for the bearing.

LEFT SIDE CASE: counter shaft- roller bearings(93311-62574-00)

Main shaft- sealed on outside (6004, 93306-00431-00)

Ok, so my questions are, Are the Left side and the Right side COUNTER shaft bearings Different on each side?? cause it says the left side has roller bearings??

Next question, Is the right side COUNTER shaft the same bearing as the Left side MAIN shaft?

I have a total of six bearings im tryin to figure out which ones i need, I know i need one more Crank bearing(both crank bearings are the same right?) so that leaves me with LEFT side COUNTER SHAFT and MAIN SHAFT, Ok I have two RIGHT side COUNTER SHAFT bearings, Is the RIGHT side counter shaft bearing the same as the LEFT side MAIN SHAFT bearing???

You need:


2 Main bearings # 93306-30633-00 (#7)

1 Balancer shaft bearing, RH #93306-20335-00 (#13)

1 Balancer shaft bearing, LH #93311-62574-00 (#14)


1 Main shaft bearing, RH #93306-20532-00 (#2)

1 Main shaft bearing, LH #93306-00431-00 (#11)

1 Output shaft bearing, RH #93306-00426-00 (#12)

1 Output shaft bearing, LH #93306-20593-00 (#24)

The difference between the two left hand bearings is that both of them should have metal "seals" or shields built in, and these should be installed with the closed side of the bearing facing in toward the trans. That is because the transmission is pressure fed from the left side, with oil being delivered to the outboard side of those two bearings, and if the "seals" are not present, there will be a loss of pressure to the rest of the transmission.

The only roller bearing in the 8 listed is the LH balancer bearing.

Thanks alot gary, I was stuck in a brain tornado!!!

Who's Gary?

I think he's still stuck in the brain tornado

Alright this is what i got:

RIGHT SIDE of case: counter shaft, (6004, or 93306-00426-00) Them are the numbers i have for the bearing.

I got's them reel good bareings, thems the reel Yamaha ones...

Who's Gary?

You know, Gary... :thumbsup: Instead of someone being stuck in the brain tornado, I think somone's taken part in too much of their username ?

you know gary....Cmon now that one guy?

haha ops still spinnin...

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