Glamis with a leaky fork seal

Hey guys im going to glamis this weekend and my forkseal just started leaking:bonk: and its not bad at all just a tiny bit of oil. The parts wont be here before i leave so how safe am i going with it leaking a little? Its gonna get replaced right after the trip anyway

The bike is a 2006 yz450f

Thanks guys! :thumbsup:

I wouldn't worry about it at all, you've got approx. 360 millileters of fluid in there. So long as it just started and it's a small amount you'll be fine, just keep an eye on it.

What you can try is take either some old picture negatives, a business card or a 0.001" feeler gauge and slide it underneath the lip of your dust seal/fork seal and run it around the circumference of the fork tube. You might just have a little tiny piece of crud causing the leak, and running something through there can sometimes be enough to fix the problem. If you want to make things a little easier, with the forks still on the bike (remove the front wheel) pop the dust seal out and that will expose the fork seal. Then you don't have to try to get the feeler gauge past the dust seal, and can visualize the fork seal.


Thanks man, i poped the dust seal off and looked at it, it looks fine but i cleaned it with a card and it still has a tiny shade of oil on the tube. Just gonna bring some oil if it starts leaking Bad. Thanks!

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