Looking to sell my WR, what do you think it's worth???

I'm toying with the idea of selling my 01 WR and was wanting your guys opinion of what you thinks it's worth? It's listed in my sig and has those parts listed. Thanks!


First off, you wont get anything extra for the goodies you put on, so right away you can take all that stuff off, put the stock stiff back on and sell the goodies on here or eBay.

Then go to www.kbb.com and see what the blue book price is. :)

If you were selling it locally (So, IN) I would guess around $3900. I agree with taking most of the goodies off and selling them before hand. Most people don't even like to pay book value anymore. So, take the good stuff off, and sell the bike for less than book.

$4,225 is what KBB is showing what a dealer might charge for this used bike.

I'd say jchantzWR400F isnt far off with his price quote.

totaly depends on the condition got any pics?

up here, an 01 wr might go for $4000-5500 canadian.

$2900 is more like what you can get for it. 3 years old and in good shape unless you know somebody that is not going to shop around and wants your bike in particular. :)

I'd have to agree with Indy. 3000 perhaps even 3500 if you can sell 'em on your upgrades.

If you get an offer in that neighborhood and really want to sell, do it.

Dirtbikes never appreciate until 25+ years later and that only if they had a following like old Husky's, Maico's, and Honda Elsinore's.

In good condition, not all beat up, they go for about 3,800 to 4,200 depending on condition. real hoopties can be had for $3500, while pristine barlely ridden can net $4500, but this will vary on areas, I'm in the Pacific Northwest.

There's no way I'll get the KBB price on it. I was thinking of $3200 to $3000, It is rode in the woods so the plastic is scuffed a bit but the bike is well taken care of and is in good condition. I'll think about putting the stock parts on but the only things I'd really want to get rid of on it is the bars, top clamp and maybe the Works Connection braces. Anyone around the So Indiana area intrested? Right now it's kinda a nice to sell, not a need to sell. Looking at get another bike.


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