JD kit tommorrow !!

I am going to be installing the JD kit tommorrow along with the "Zip-Ty" fuel screw. Would anyone care to comment on weather I should pull the carb completely off the first time to install these items...or can they both be easily installed by simply turning the carb to the side and leaving it on the bike. Dirt Bike magazine did a story on the FLATCR carb's where they said that most of the work on these carbs can easily be done without removing the carb. Anybody care to take a stab?? :):D

The kit doesn't need the carb off.

The fuel screw is more difficult to install because the float bowl needs removing. I would disconnect the throttle cables at the grip(after removing the seat and tank) to get some extra slack to pull the carb part-way out. Maybe unscrew the hot-start also. Then do the kit and fuel screw.

I prefer not to disconnect the cables at the carb and disturb the cable slack setting.


I rejet often. I find it easier to pull the carb it takes no longer to pull it then to struggle with rotating it one way and then the other. Once you get the hang of it you will see that pulling the carb is quick and easy. You do not have to remove the subframe like the manual states. Just pry the boot back with the handle end of a hammer. :)

if the hotstart wasnt in the way it wouldnt be that hard to twist the carb and rejet. The plastic threads on the hotstart make me nervous it wouldnt take much to completely stip them off.

Just one piece of advice, Don't over tighten the Zipty fuel screw when installing. The directions tell you twice to make sure you get it in all the way but never mention that you can get it in too far. I waiting to get my carb back after the tip of the fuel screw broke off and lodged in the opening it goes in to. It was impossible for me to get out and Zipty couldn't get it out either, and sent it to a carb guy who finally got it out. But I've had several people including the people at Keihin tell me that the carb body is probably ruined and the whole carb will have to be replaced. ($855.00) I'm hoping the carb will still work, I get it back today and will try it on bike. Bottom line: I would definately take the carb off and get it on the bench and carefully install the screw at least the first time you do it. :D:)

The hot start thread plastic connector to the carburator on mine stripped and it is replaceable for $3.46.

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