09 yz450f vs 09 kx450f

Hey guys,

Ill be selling my 05 crf250x soon and will be looking to buy a 450. There is a 09 yz450f in perfect shape, low hours for 4800. Can anyone tell me if the 09 yz's have reoccuring issues? Also, there is a 09 kx450f going for 5200 with fmf 4.1 titanium exhaust with titanium power bomb header, new piston & rings, factory connection suspension and new chain and sprockets. Can you guys help me out with deciding between both of these? I know its hard to say anything without hearing them run but id just like to hear what you guys have to say about the two models.


If you live in the US you can get a new 09 yz for that price if you know where to look, so I would not advise buying either of those. 5200 for a used 09 kx is way over priced imo.

However, I have ridden both bikes, and I own a 09 yz. The yz in stock form is very docile compared to the big low end hit the kx has. I believe the yz is a better balanced machine and does everything well. I like the ergos of the kx better because it is more suited for a rider of my size, 6'4"

Adding to the good input already received, is the KX's suspension sprung and valved for your weight and riding style? If not factor in the cost to make it fit your needs.

dang I need to start selling my bikes where you live. My friend just sold his o9 yz 450 for 3500 with new tires and graphics. It was bought as a left over in 2010 and only had 20 hours since new on it... The 09 kx 450 is EFI i believe as well where the 09 yammy isnt. Just some food for thought.

get the yz lol

The 09 kx 450 is EFI i believe as well where the 09 yammy isnt. Just some food for thought.

Go for the EFI, if for no other reason than resale value. A year or two from now I think it will be hard to move the carburetor bikes.

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