G-Man & Paul in AZ

Sorry I didn't make it out to the races - next time I will for sure though! Anyway, let's here the details guys!!!


The track was crap! I rode like a sqiud! :D

G and Paul were doing much better, I think G-man is still undefeated and Paul looked real smooth on his 250F.

I feel really bad for the guys who traveled to this race, our promoter really let us down.

Sorry to all who made the trip! :):

I doubt I will ever ride/race at Canyon again! :D

I'm very sore!!! But, I got 2nd overall in the 40+ Amateur class (11 racers in total). We did five 18 minute moto's in two days, 3 on Sat, 2 on Sun. It was hot the track was dry (it is the desert) but I finished all five motos (2, 8, 4, 1, 2) respectively. Beat the 3rd place guy by one point. I lead wire to wire in moto 4 and the majority of moto 1 and 5 but faded toward the end of those races. Let me tell you about the 8th place in moto two before G-Man does. Got to the line late, (I think the heat fryed my brain or something, I took off with the pack luckily but didn't have a chance to get my goggles on. Had to stop to put them on. Didn't loose much time doing this and started working my way back through the pack. Think I was running about 5th when two guys tangled in front of me in a really tight turn and I had to either hit them or bail, I chose to bail. As luck would have it neither of those guys fell. The bike stalled and 5 kicks and 5 lost positions later I was battling for positions once again, eventually finishing 8th. As it turned out the 8th didn't hurt me, the overall winner finished with 7 total points, I had 17 and 3rd place had 18. I think I was the only guy consistently jumping the finish line tripple in my class, this was the main advantage I had over most of the field. Have to thank G-Man for the coaching on the tripple, he helped me work up to it and hit it consistently.

You will never guess the bikes that finished 1st and 3rd - KX250's. What up with that? Hey, I only gave up about 10 horsepower to each of those guys on my stock 250F, not sure how I pulled 3 of 5 holeshots though???

G was fast as ever and I'm sure he'll have a nice write up on the board soon.

Did I mention I'm "SORE!" :)


Sorry to hear about the track being below standard. Almost makes me glad that I could not get off of work to travel 8 hours to the race!!

My question is this, when can you change your backgrounds to white :) I'm thinking that an amature doing a triple is worthy of white plates!!

My hands are like hammered dog meat and all I did was some yard work this weekend.

Hoping we get to meet each other soon.



Yeah the track was a mess, but I have to put my 2 cents in, so we can work out the bad things, and keep the club together to help future races.

If everyone keeps raggin on Canyon then that leaves one track, which isn't so perfect either. Zack and company are truly good people. Did you know that they water and ripped the track until after 10 PM Saturday night, and the track still turned into concrete by noon.


yes you would have been very disappointed with the track :) but having the chance to meet and talk to everyone was well worth the the entry fee :D

Just being able to watch G-Man ride with glowsticks on his fenders and a flashlight taped to his helmet doing Nac Nac's over a fire at night was classic :D

Originally posted by Maicoman:


If everyone keeps raggin on Canyon then that leaves one track, which isn't so perfect either.

Just being able to watch G-Man ride with glowsticks on his fenders and a flashlight taped to his helmet doing Nac Nac's over a fire at night was classic :D


I agree with ya 100% it would be one thing if we had a pleathora of tracks to choose from but we don't, so we havta keep what we have alive. Sorry you didn't like the conditions F-Pilot but having a race in the middle of April in AZ was the biggest error, it was tough to try to make the best of it. They watered the track during one of our motos and it turned into ICE! :)

I did feel sorry for the outa-towners who traveled so far, hell it was only an hr for me.

Paul in AZ sure has made some progress in his short "comeback career" and I think it's time to remove those yellow plates! :D

He got a second wind in his final moto when they were pushing him hard, (I thought they were gonna get him) but he dug deep and pulled away and almost caught the leader.

Good Job!

I agree G, we need to have the race earlier next year, only so much can be done to a track in the desert in April.

Thanks for the compliments on the effort, that first moto was a killer holding off the KX guy until late in the moto. Took the wind out of me for a good part of Saturdays remaining races. Sunday the track was better in the first moto and my results showed it. Yeah, I almost got that KX guy back in that last moto - one more lap and I might have passed him back. Just glad I held the two guys behind me off or I would have finished 3rd overall.

You were flying out there G, I wish I didn't take that 25 year layoff from MX now - might be able to hang a little closer to you if so. I'll stick with the yellow plates for a while longer, my brief comeback has only been 4 months in length. I'll be ready for the expert class next year though...

Maicoman, good job on the 4th O/A in the novice class - you have to let me in on your holeshot secret!

Congrats to Paul and G-Man on your finishes! :)

G, were you running the stock chain?

I bet that made Mark's weekend.

As far as the track conditions I realize its hard to keep the prep up when it pushin' 90 but I stand by my decision. It's not only the prep but Canyon is a very one line track proven by my first moto:

Tom in front, me in second and 2 much faster riders in 3rd and 4th. We held them that way for 4 laps (I crashed) by hogging the inside line. Also proven by G's moto with 11x. (he truly was faster but could not pass)

I am not concerned about the lack of tracks, Nagle will have Prescott Valley open soon and MotoGrande is about ready to go nights, also I still want to check out AirSarival(?)

I race for fun and Canyon is not a fun track, especially when it's not prepped!

Originally posted by Paul in AZ:

didn't take that 25 year layoff from MX now - might be able to hang a little closer to you if so.

Maicoman, good job on the 4th O/A in the novice class - you have to let me in on your holeshot secret!

No worries mate, your doing fine in your 4 mo. comeback. I hope they don't move me up to the Master A class though. To me that is for Ex-Pro's like McKenna, Nagle and Dermo etc. I race for fun too and to try to hang with those boyz would be riding the ragged edge, something I don't want to do. I always like to leave a lil room for error.

Yea Maicoman is the holeshot king isn't he!!

shhhhh bout the Fire Pit Jumping, just hope they don't find out I did it wearing only my boots. :)


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Yeah, its great to get holeshots, but it would be alot nicer if I could do something other than fade like cheap perfume :)

I wish I could say it's the rider, maybe its the R-4 exhaust, lucky jetting ? Right now the bike is running very strong.

Hope I don't get into trouble talking about my 250F on this forum.

I promise not to say anything about the black knee boots around the fire :D

Maicoman: I went to Glen Helen last May for the opening round of the Nationals. On Saturday...or maybe even Friday...there were several amateur races and there was a guy riding a Maico who was blazingly fast. Was that you?

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If you use the words, "blazingly fast" that eliminates me instantly, as a lifetime Novice , no one has ever called me that.

There are a couple of real fast Vets from Az. who ride in the vintage series, I can't remember his name, but he rides on a 490 Mega, and was part of the winning team of 3 riders ( Ed Zornes was another member) in the Vintage Championship last fall. If it's the same guy I know what you mean about Blazingly fast !!! that guy shreads.

Hey guys,

I don't race Canyon because of the Rocks and poor track conditions. I found this site the other day - gomxracing.com - deals with Arizona motorcross. They talk about a new track in Prescott - track profile link. Pretty cool site.

Gomxracing.com - a cool site, hope they get all the tracks listed and keep us informed on any new tracks that might be built.

Does anyone have any pictures of the track.. or ppl there? It's next to impossible for me to come down there let alone with my bike..

Someone find me a web design job down there i'd consider moving :)

I can't get on my bike until March around here and that's only once in awhile. It snowed a bit here last week.. but today it's 70 and raining.. weird eh :D [Eh.. is my Canadian thing]

Email me pic's if you got them..


Thanks.. and glad to hear Paul is running well... I know why he's doing so well though.. It's the Canadian BIKE :D

Hey Ontario Rider, don't get excited about us being able to ride all year. Soon we'll be getting up at 4am to go riding and it'll be 95 to 100 degrees even then! :D

Or we can go to the night motos where its still about 105 during practice. :)

gomxracing is a cool site with links to most of the tracks sites or you can see some pics at my photo album, http://communities.msn.com/FPilotsPhotos

But even at 100+ degrees you can still ride even if really uncomfy, I'm sitting here all loaded up hoping that Washougal doesn't get rained out again tomarrow.


Ok, maybe we have year round riding, can ride just about anywhere in the desert or mountains, cut new trail as we feel like it and have a couple of decent mx tracks to choose from but believe me its not dirt bike heaven. If we could cool down the summers, a little more rain and get rid of the endless rocks it would be!

:-) LOL the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill


Hi all in AZ,

Someone mentioned Air Sarival and since I have been there a few times, I thought I would chip in.

It doesnt have a single rock and the track prep is as well as can be expected for Phoenix summers. They held their first race this weekend and for practice the track was a bit of a mire and of course it dried out anyway by the end of the day. and there were only 6 motos.

It is a safe and fun track to ride with plenty of jumps for most levels. It is on flat ground so you will not find the elevation changes that Canyon and Speedworld have but the traction and lack of rocks makes up for that!

The owners are working hard to make this a good tract and I have been doing my best to support them. It is always nice to have more tracks to ride, I can get a little bored with the same track every week.

If anyone is planning on going out there, shoot me an email and I will try to make it!

It is also pretty accessable from the freeway so wherever you come from shouldn't be TOO bad of a drive.

Dave S


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