Neutral safety switch-Broken Screws

Ok, I unplugged my neutral safety switch in order to install my zipty neutral cover. When I went to unscrew the switch the screws stripped out. When I used an easy out it simply at the screw to shit. Basically, I have no more screw. The best I could manage is to grind the screw flat with the mounting surface. I have tried drilling into the screw with numerous bits and its a no go. My question is this. Is there any reason that you need to get inside behind the neutral safety switch? My plan is to install the neutral cover and JB weld it instead of using the screws. This should work fine, I just dont know if I need access later to this area. Thanks in advance

Also, now that I simply unplugged the stock switch and removed it...does this enable me to start in any gear?

Thanks in advance,


Do you know what the Neutral switch does? Why would you do this to yourself? Starting in gear will be be the same as with the Switch but Starting in neutral will be much more difficult now.:thumbsup:

I thought the switch prevented me from starting in any gear but neutral. I wanted to be able to start in 1st. Anyway is my plan gonna work? I really need some help here. Thanks.

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