Rekluse EXP 2.0

Anyone tried that Rekluse EXP 2.0?

It's supposed to fit in your stock clutch assembly and is significantly cheaper than the core EXP. I'd like to hear from riders...

Unless you are just riding fire roads or riding with your kids on small bikes I would get the Pro.

It should be OK if, as Gunner says, you are basically a casual recreational rider. If you are an MX racer, the Core EXP is designed for that purpose. If you are a serious off-road rider (even if you focus mainly on going tough places, and not so much on speed), the Z-Start Pro is a better choice.

The downside of the EXP is that it reduces the number of plates in the clutch, and there has to be a penalty for that in terms of longevity and power management.

The reduction in plates when pushed hard caused stock plates to warp. This was discovered at the Endurocross a couple of years ago. Rekluse Core now incorporates thicker metal plates to prevent this. The only real reason to get the core over the Pro is the benefit of stock clutch feel. This is very important to an expert or pro level rider.

I ride MX most of the time 3-4 times a week and also the occasional indoor arenacross since they have a dome at my local track. I don't race but practice pretty hard and can hang with intermediates/experts just fine.

I guess It could be good for my GF who hates stalling her 250f and at 5'1" has a hard time re-firing it afterwards... She rides Mx too but puts around and I don't think her bike saw fifth gear once. Do you guys think the EXP 2.0 would do the job for her?

As for me well, I like the idea of forgetting about my clutch lever (I'm a clutch dragger) but forking 800 bucks plus on an anti-stalling device is not really that appealing.

Anyway, thank you very much for the replies.

From the sound of it, I would guess the EXP would be OK for her 250F

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