Large/Custom Gear Needed

Hey Guys,

I've been lurking around here for the past month or so since I picked up my new YZ426. I thought maybe someone might have a solution to my gear problem.

Essentially, I'm too big (read wide) to be riding one of these damn things. But I've been riding motorcycles since I was three years old and they're just too much damn fun. Obviously I'm not getting all crazy going for air and such, but I do like to head out and tear up the trails...

That said, I need some good gear. Obviously I don't expect to pick up everything in my size, but currently none of the important stuff (save helmet and gloves) gets that big.

More than anything, I need boots. I wear about a thirteen and tried on a number of differnt brands (AlpineStar, Axo, Thor), all are just short of going around my calf. I'm willing to fork over the dough for custom-made boots if anyone does that kind of work.

Any suggestions?

I too am a big guy. Not tall just big. 5'8" 315+lbs (yes that is the crack of my ass hanging out when I pass you). My calves measure 21.5". I wear new style Tech-8 by alpinestar size 10. I had to discard the 2nd strap from the top (too short), but the other three straps all work. The top strap on the new tech-8 is extra long, and I am going to get one of those straps for the 2nd spot. I wear Moose riding gear, as they are the only ones I have found with large enough pants 48". I still just wear a t-shirt with a tight jersey underneath. I have seen a couple of ads in the back of magazines for big guy riding gear. I think they were grey wolf anf Phatt cat.

I used to think I was too big to ride, but with some suspension work, and lots of water onboard, I find riding great fun :)

Good luck


grey wolf website (no boots)


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

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I'm a fairly big kid, 6'1" and 210 lbs. I've got some large calves myself. I was having a problem finding any boots that would fit around my legs! I bought the Gaerne GS-X boots, they were the only size they had that fit my big feet(size 14)and they are quite roomy in the calves. They costed about $200.

You may want to call around before you spend the bucks for a custom pair. I would bet that some boot manufacturers that make boots with replaceable latches(Alpinestars) would make larger latches for other people. I've never checked into it but it might be worth it.



Hey YZ400Court,

My Dad will be getting a YZ426 soon (whenever he gets my Mom's approval LOL) and he too is a Big Guy @ 6ft 3" 265 lbs and I told him he would have to buy new springs in the front and rear! He doesnt ride very aggressive but I am positive he would ride faster if he had a YZ426 w/the correct what mods did you do to yours? oil level, springs, etc etc? Anyone else have any suspension recommendations for a Big Guy? Thanks,



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX


I have all the info on my suspension at home. I'll get it posted Friday morning.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

Thanks I would appreciate it!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Try Phat Cat gear. Designed for the larger rider. I have a friend that tried the gear on and liked it. He stated that he was impressed with it.

Here is there link


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Thanks much for the info. It looks like Phat Catt is going to have some clothing that'll work. Still working on the boots.

I'm interested in hearing about that suspension setup. Unlike you guys who seem to enjoy working on the things as much as riding them, I'll pay to have whatever I need to have done, but it's nice to hear that something is possible :)

I hope this works.

I'm 315 lbs, on a 98 YZ400. I bought the bike from an Arizona desert racer expert class. He was only 185, but rides very aggresive in the rocks. He had the suspension done at SRD in Scottsdale, AZ. Their # is (480)759-6350. The rear spring is the heaviest he could buy, although I don't know the number. The fork has .46 spring, 90MM oil level, 3MM of spring preload. The bike also has a Scotts triple clamp upper and lower with the 5MM offset to match the 2000 model.

I have not touched the fork other than less comp dampening than by friend had. I did set the rear sag to 3.5". I have NEVER bottomed the suspension. I don't know what they did at SRD, but it absolutly KICKS ASS. It is super plush on the slow stuff, and rockets through the rocks. Sand washes are a breeze, whoops hardley noticed. I do not ride MX, 100% desert, lots of 100mph sand (with those nasty hidden rocks) and lots of nasty open area rocks. If you would like more info, contact SRD. The serial number on my suspension is F640 (from the sticker they put on the fork).

Check out race tech also.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

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Buy the way, I'm sorry to report I'm turning ORANGE this week. I thought my KTM520EXC would not be in till fall, but the dealer called me yesterday and said it would be in this week. The shop owner was not sure waht the sales manager did to get the bike from KTM, but he got it. See ya blue bike!!


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

I'm 6'1 200lbs on a stock 426 suspension. What weight is the bike set up for from the factory, and should I change anything for my weight. I am doing some jumping on a motocross track. (learning to clear tabletops) Suggestions please.....

Check out the link above to race tech. It asks you some questions about bike, weight ect. and tells you what springs are best, including what the stocers are good for.

Hey YZ400court, thanks for pointing me to the Race Tech site. Also, thanks for the visual of your crack as you pass. Crystal clear! :)

Gaerne GS-X boots, are wide fitting ,,i found em the most comfortable im not massive but i have wide feet,,,,,,,,like flippers haha

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