petcock rightside opening

I have a clarke oversized and I am using the stock petcock. I want a petcock so the fuel comes out the right side instead of left. Any ideas? heres a pic but im sure you follow me.


little too gangster for me

I used a 05 petcock on my 07 it comes out to the right.

'03-'05, all the same. $17 each from TT OEM.

WR426 petcock and you will have a reserve. I love having the added security in case my mind goes blank and I run low. I got mine from the Yami dealer for$20

Why does it matter what side its one. You turn it on when you start. Turn it off when you stop. I dont see why the side its on matters.

He is talking about having the fuel line exit the petcock on the right (toward the rear) instead of on the left (toward the front).

That's what.

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