clutch slip possibly??

i have a 04 yz450f and it has a Hinson Clutch in it. It was in it when i bought it. the clutch holds and bites fine in first and second gear and so on, but when you are on the gas hard going through the gears first and second pulls hard and when it hits third it seems like it over revs and it accelerates but it doesnt pull like i think it should. it also does it going from third to fourth when accelerating quickly. Anyone else have the same problem??

Sounds like slipping to me. Pull em out and check the thicknesses and visually check the pads on the friction disc.

What oil are you running?

Before we tear it down, let's verify that there is free play at the cable...

yes there is some free play in the cable and Penzoil 10W-40

What kind of pennzoil 10w-40? Auto or motorcycle?

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