xr400 plastic on xr600

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone knows if it would be possible to replace the side panels and seat on my '99 xr600 with the side panels and seat from a '99 xr400? It appears that the frames on the two bikes are basically the same. I just like the look of the 400 a little better. Thanks.

I rather doubt it Rowdy. The airbox itself serves as part of the side panels on an XR400, with just small number plates mounted rearward of it. The 400's airbox has a hinged door that swings downward like a mailbox and latches at the top, whereas your 600's left side panel/number plate is the airbox door.

The seats mount in entirely different ways at the rear, and frankly why anyone would trade the "couch" off their 600 for the vinyl-covered plank on the 400 is beyond me anyway! :)


I don't think it will work. The newer (post 96) 400/250 panels are not as long front to back and look as though the mounting tabs are arranged differently (further back). The pre 96 XR250 panels may work as they are shaped similar to the 600 panels. I have a buddy with a 95 XR250 but I have never thought to see if the panels were interchangable (don't see him much). Maybe you could compare part numbers for the two models with an aftermarket plastic company (Acerbis, UFO, Maier etc.) to see if they match :) Sorry I'm not more help.

Thanks guys. I appreciate the input.

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