getting plate in oregon

Has anyone done it recently with success? And I mean like this year or late last?

Here is the deal. I live in washington. I am buying my father in laws 2005 wr450. He is an oregon resident. Of course, I would love to have it plated. But he has to do it for me to even have a chance in Washington. And even then, its still just a chance.

If my research is correct, he should be able to do this to his '05? I was told '07 was the last year the state put cycle on the registration and not orv? Does it matter that he has previously registered it in oregon without a plate?? Will this even work, or should I just not even take the time?

My brother and I each bought a new '05 CRF250x in August of '05, and I successfully converted mine to streetlegal status in November of '05 (and have successfully re-registered it for street use twice since, enjoying it more than you can possibly know....).

Brother Bob, however, waited until spring (March) of '06 to streetlegalize his 250x. Too bad...Not possible in Oregon anymore due to it's non-certification of federal emmission compliance, is what he found out. He tried every loophole we could think of, even talking to the top EPA guy in Michigan (or somewhere back east), with no luck.

Mine is coming up again for renewal in November of this year. I'm REALLY hoping I get at least another two years of on-road option with my beloved Honda CRF250x.


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