Starting problems, used 2004 wr450f

I changed the oil three times yesterday riding for 15 minutes between each change. Everything seems to work fine now. There is no coolant leaking anywhere. The levels in the radiator and overflow tank do not change at all. I will keep an open mind about replacing the fiber clutch plates after I put some more time in riding the bike and see/feel how things go.

Thank you all for helping me through this with your suggestions. I have learned a lot from everybody and I have learned a lot about the bike. Thanks, Todd.

That may or may work. I'd hate to see it act up at an inopportune time like on a trail somewhere.

Trust me, plates can be had for well under $75 on eBay and you won't regret it. Think of it this way: if you were a sportbike rider a clutch is like $150 and you'd be spending $350 on tires every 2500 miles.

YMMV, however.


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The clutch is waiting to fail IMO, and I'd replace it but it's your call. I'd swap it out for the piece of mind.

I'd also make sure the wiring is in good order. You found one bad connection and the switch is apparently hooked in at the wrong place / in the wrong way. If that's the case chances are good there are more problems waiting to crop up when you're the back side of nowhere.

Electrical issues can be monsters to get sorted, if you don't feel comfortable checking for and repairing issues find someone who can sort it properly.

Then you'll be :bonk: instead of :thumbsup:

You guys are right. The wiring will get done. I still have to track down the problem with the headlight switch, head light and tail light.

As far as the clutch plates I understand where you are coming from. Here in northern Michigan we still have a foot of snow and 10 degree temperatures. I just want it to warm up so I can really ride it close to home and see how it behaves. I will keep an eye out on E-bay for new plates but the local dealer/service shop said the plates looked almost brand new to them and that I just needed to clean them. I did clean them, I got the moisture out of the engine, I just want to ride it and get a feel for if this enough or should I do more i.e. new clutch plates.

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