Cylinder pics....bad news?

@Goose- I have changed to a new plug already long ago and also tried my friends stock coil. The coil isn't the issue as his coil and the R6 work the same. Mine stock one just had a bad connection to the boot. I put in fresh gas also, air filter cleaned. It's really not far from stock, just the free mods, ex hotcam and aftermarket exhaust. Those mods have been done hundreds if not a thousand times with no issues.

Duly noted...and I realize those are all common mods, it's just whenever I get in a bind like this, I try to get as much as possible back to stock simply because it tends to make it easier to track the gremlin...

Sorry you're having such a frustrating time with it...I'm looking forward to seeing the results more than my chick is looking forward to seeing who gets booted from Dancing With the Stars! lol

Thank god you've got the 500 to keep you busy and sane while the wr is down!:thumbsup:

Oh heck yeah man the 500 definitely puts a smile on my face! It is alot of fun to ride.

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