Bike won't start in gear

Does anyone know why a 07 WR450 will no longer start, or even crank over, while in gear (with the clutch in)? I did just replace the clutch cable, but it seems to be adjusted properly. It started stretching a few rides before it broke, and that was about the time this problem started. Thanks.

neutral safety switch near the clutch handle (probably unplugged the wire or tweaked it somehow)

Thanks WANA, that seems like exactly what it would be. I was in a major hurry to change the clutch cable, so I didnt see there was a switch/wire. I started noticing the problem during the brutal Desert MC Nat'l Hare & Hound a few weeks ago, where my bike took a beating, so that sounds like what happened.

Wouldnt unplugging the neutral safety switch ALLOW you to start in gear...sounds like to me if it used to start in gear that your neutral switch was connecting right and now suddenly it is...try starting it in neutral and see what happens.

Ok, I think I understand. There is a safety switch on the clutch and a neutral safety switch down on the motor. I'm referring to the switch by the motor. If you unplug it you essentially do the "blue wire mod" The switch by the clutch handle I have no knowledge of and you are probally right about it being the issue or tying the wires together to complete the loop.

Any one confirm this?

I think your right about removing the wires down below.. remove those and I would think you totally disable the system...

No, disabling the wires to the 'N' switch on the motor makes the bike think it is always in gear. Based on the OP's problem, the bike would never e start. His issue is probably the clutch interlock switch. To work, there has to be continuity between wires, so the test would be to put a jumper across them or disconnect the switch and do a continuity test. Withe the switch depressed, no continuity, depressed, continuity.

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