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Anyone ever think that if the clutch side grip would rotate some you wouldn't get callus so badly? My hands got wiped out racing this weekend especially my left hand. They look like bloody stumps at the forward edges of my palms. Yes they were callused before I rode this weekend but my right hand isn't nearly as bad as my left hand.

This ideas sounds a little kookie but do you think it would help at all?


Boyesen (the reed guys) make a product called the "Flexi grip" and it is specifically for the left hand. it allows it to rotate and you can adjust how easy it rotates too. requires a throttle side grip (because of the bigger opening).

I have been using a flexgrip for over a two years know. I was having a real problem with blisters on my left hand. I went with moose underwear gloves and the flex grip. I will not have a bike with out it now.

It took me no time to get use to and the additional benifit from it besides no blisters is the added suspension it provides. Your upper body is now not directly coupled to your bike. Great it the whoops.

It is the only part I kept that was on my 99 KX250.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

In the beginning of the year, about half way through the day (when I can feel my hand stinging....) I simply wrap some electrical tape around my hand. Not too tight so it limits movement or cuts off circulation, but this will create a sliding surface for your glove. After a month or so of this, the calasses form and I am good to go for the rest of the year. Hope this helps.


Great question, I never thought of it. I will check into one of those Boyesen things.

Does anyone know where we can see a detailed pic of the Boyesen Flexgrip and how much it costs? Does it come with the rubber handgrip?

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